Sunday, December 26, 2010

Shelter in Place

Shelter In Place (SIP) is an immediate response to a critical incident to reduce public exposure. The order to "Shelter-In-Place" may come at any time from local emergency services. Proper pre-planning and practice is the only way to ensure your workplace, institution, or home is prepared in the event Shelter-In-Place is required.

Shelter in place is an alternative to evacuation when:

* There is not enough time to safely evacuate the public at risk
* Residents are waiting for evacuation assistance
* There is a chemical release of limited duration (e.g. a release of sour gas due to a pipeline rupture)
* The public would be at higher risk if evacuated

If you are advised to shelter in place, listen to the radio and/or watch the television for instructions from emergency officials.

In a building with a Shelter-in-Place team, follow the instructions of the team members.

Are you respond?

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